Stephanie Green

Artist + Illustrator interested in Wombyn: Mother, Maiden and Crone & environmental activism.

My artistic practice brings together a rich tapestry of themes encompassing nature, conservation, & community. Through painting, illustration, & now printmaking, I explore the intricate beauty & urgent plight of endangered species, particularly birds. The foundation of my artistic journey has been a profound connection with the natural world, which is vividly reflected in my work. The inspiration drawn from experiences in nature drives me to create art that not only captivates the eye but also raises awareness about the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

WildED Family

Education is the key to freedom

Community Art

Enriching communities with inclusive, multi-generational creative workshops that foster engagement and growth.

Illustration for branding

Botanical and bohemian illustration, Stephanie is passionate about the arts and craft movement.

Apparel surface pattern and design

From T-shirt to pillows Stephanie’s Designs have been used internationally.

“Stephanie has always been interested in which stories are told, and who tells them. What the objects we choose to own speak about our journey. Trained in traditional fine art and printmaking she creates workshops, community events, designs and illustrations for for human fulfillment and beautiful items useful on an everyday basis.”

Stephanie is a founding member of Worcester Arts Collective, with four floors of striking architecture, Edgar Street houses the Worcester Arts Collective. The cross pollination of artists from mixed media, fine art, photography, and illustration adds all of our contemporary art. Existential, political and philosophical issues are intrinsic to our studio, the coffee coversations and activism as much a part of us as the output.

The exhibitions are produced by WAC in collaboration with artists and museums around the UK.

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